Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

It's Not the Technology, It's How You Use It!
In 2011, NHEC will begin swapping out its existing electric meters with advanced, digital electric meters. At first, it will be business as usual - you'll continue to receive the same electric service with the same rate structure. Over time, however, the new meters will allow you to take advantage of new tools to better manage your electricity use. How will a simple meter do that? Let's look at the facts...

AMI meters feature two-way communications
All 80,000 meters in NHEC's service territory are being replaced over the next three years. Instead of a meter reader visiting your property once a month to record your usage, AMI meters will report their own readings via a wireless communications network. NHEC will receive the same information from these meters as it currently does, however, the information will be more timely and provide you with more information on your energy usage so you can make decisions on how you use energy. These meters will also provide more real-time information on power outages. This will enable more efficient operations and communications.

An example of an in-home display that receives data from a 'smart meter' and displays electric usage information to the homeowner.

'Smart meters' look similar to existing electric meters, but instead of spinning dials, they measure electric usage on digital displays.

AMI can help you control your energy costs - but only if you want it to
AMI can help you control your energy costs - but only if you want it to The two-way flow of information that is possible with AMI opens the door to a number of potential cost saving applications and educational tools, but only if you want to take advantage of them. Over the next three years, NHEC will be conducting pilot programs that take advantage of the two-way communications provided by AMI. These programs could involve anything from the installation of in-home displays that provide detailed information about electric usage, to the creation of dynamic rates that incentivize the use of electricity during low-demand times. AMI technology can also enable remote load control programs that target the biggest energy users in your home - air conditioners, clothes dryers, water heaters, etc. For example, a signal can be sent through your meter that lowers or shuts down these appliances when energy prices or regional demand exceed a pre-set limit. However, simply installing an AMI meter at your home or business does not give NHEC the ability to remotely adjust your energy usage. This feature can only work with the installation of load control devices that will not be installed unless you want them and expressly allow NHEC to install them. NHEC will be assessing the results of any pilot programs before determining what tools and programs to roll out to the entire membership.

Updates When Available
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