Joseph Kwasnik, Board Chair

NHEC Service Location: North Conway, NH
Character of NHEC Service Location: Residential – Second Home
Primary Residence: Concord, NH

Work Experience
Joe was employed by a number of companies during his professional years including work as a geophysicist and consulting engineer.

Beginning in 1978 and ending in 2009, he worked for National Grid and its US predecessor companies beginning as an environmental engineer and ultimately serving as the U.S. Vice President of Environment and, his last position, as Head of Climate Change located in the United Kingdom.

Beginning in 2010 and continuing through 2015, he worked as a Senior Energy Consultant to CERES in Boston, Massachusetts.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Geology from the University of Connecticut and a Masters Degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Massachusetts.   Until 2009, he also held a State of Massachusetts Licensed Site Professional Certification.

Community Service
He currently serves as a member of the Concord Energy and Environment Committee.   As a secondary resident of North Conway, he is a member of the MWV Kiwanis Club and the MWV Aquatic and Fitness Foundation.

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