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Joseph Kwasnik, Board Chair

Community: Jackson

Work Experience

Joe is a consulting engineer in the field of climate change and sustainability. Before this current area of focus, Joe was the Head of Climate Change for National Grid where he conceived, developed and implemented National Grid’s Climate Change Initiative which included setting of an 80% reduction in National Grid’s greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, embedding greenhouse gas (carbon) budgets in each operating area of the company and linking performance toward these budgets with executive compensation. Prior to being appointed Head of Climate Change, Joe was the Vice President of Environment for National Grid’s US Operations.


Joe earned a BA in Geology from the University of Connecticut and an MS in Environmental Engineering from the University of Massachusetts.

Community Service

Joe serves his community in a variety of ways including membership in the Mount Washington Valley Kiwanis Club, member of the Board of Trustees of the Mount Washington Observatory and President of the Franconia Soaring Association.


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