Kenneth Colburn, Board Member

Community: Meredith

Work Experience

Ken is an independent consultant on climate change, energy, and environmental issues. Most of his work involves helping states, foundations, and progressive companies recognize and secure economic opportunity through action on energy efficiency, renewable energy, and other policies. Ken previously oversaw New Hampshire’s air pollution control programs for nearly a decade at the Department of Environmental Services (DES), and represented the state’s business community on environmental and energy issues for the Business and Industry Association of New Hampshire (BIA).   Earlier, Ken worked in manufacturing management and taught at Proctor Academy in Andover.

Ken holds a B.S. in mathematics from M.I.T. as well as M.B.A. and M.Ed. degrees from U.N.H. He also serves on the Boards of the Granite State Conservation Voters Alliance and the Jordan Institute, and previously chaired the Andover School Board and the New London Hospital Board. Ken is an Eagle Scout and a New Hampshire native, and has never paid an electric bill to any company other than NHEC. He and his wife Jacquie live in Meredith.

Ken is a Credentialed Cooperative Director.


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