Try Heat Pumps for Comfort and Savings!


Looking to reduce your energy expenses and lessen your dependency on fossil fuel?   When you install an air source heat pump system  you are using the earth’s energy to reduce your heating and cooling costs. Heat pumps can keep your building’s temperature comfortable year-round while reducing your overall energy costs by up to 50%.

We have created a quick click guide to answer many of your questions about adding a high-efficiency heat pump system to your building.  As a NHEC member you have access to a commercial energy advisor that can assist you through the process. You also have access to NHEC program incentives that can lessen your upfront costs and shorten your payback.

For more information regarding Commercial Heat Pumps and available commercial incentives, please contact Joe Lajewski at or call 603.536.8663.

For more information regarding Residential High Efficiency Heat Pumps and Rebates, please contact Kurt Campbell or 603.536.8672.