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Website NHEC_MEMBERNEWS New Hampshire Electric Cooperative

Our Organization:

NHEC is the second largest electric utility in New Hampshire, providing service to consumers and businesses in 115 communities throughout the state.  As a member-owned cooperative, serving our members is at the heart of everything we do and every decision we make.

The electric utility industry is currently undergoing enormous change as consumers look for new ways to manage energy costs through distributed energy resources such as solar arrays and battery storage, energy efficiency, and electric vehicles.  These changes present new challenges and opportunities to find ways to meet our members’ evolving expectations and make this an exciting time to work in the electric utility industry. In June 2017, we completed a five-year strategic plan, identifying four areas of strategic focus with actionable goals within those areas to be completed by the end of 2022.  Those four areas of focus are:

  • Transformation of our Business Model to prepare for the widespread adoption of distributed energy resources by our members.


  • Adoption of a Voice of the Member platform to help us better understand and meet our member’s needs and expectations.


  • A focus on enhancing our Organizational Effectiveness by transforming NHEC into an organization that is innovative, nimble, and able to respond more rapidly to the changing needs of our members and the way they lead their lives.


  • Ensuring NHEC’s ongoing Financial Stability through development of a revenue model and associated rates and charges that better reflect the way our members will use our distribution system as they increasingly play a role in managing the energy resources that serve them.


In order to help meet the goals in the strategic plan we identified three key drivers that describe the kind of organization we want to be:


  • Member WOW! Our members are wowed by the service we provide.  Every interaction between a member and NHEC is deeply satisfying because we keep it simple, personalized and seamless so that the member feels their need is completely understood by us and, whenever possible, completely resolved with a philosophy of one and done.


  • Learning Organization. Our employees feel energized and excited by the possibilities and opportunities presented by these industry changes.  They are curious feel empowered to experiment, work collaboratively, and share their knowledge and experience as they work to solve new problems, meet new challenges, and serve changing member needs.


  • Strategic Partnerships. We develop strategic partnerships that are central to our ability to achieve our vision by giving us capabilities and resources we do not have ourselves.  Our strategic partnerships open up opportunities to deliver value for our members that would have been unavailable on our own.  We clearly convey to our partner our vision of what we believe success looks like, and our partner is open with us about how they will help us achieve that vision and the challenges that will need to be met to get there.


Headquartered in Plymouth, New Hampshire, NHEC currently has 200+ employees.  There is much to be proud of in our existing organization, and a genuine enthusiasm for what the future holds.  It is an environment in which individual leadership and initiative are highly valued and encouraged, and success is viewed as a shared accomplishment to be celebrated by all.  Ensuring our members have the energy they need, the information they want, and a partner they can trust is what makes us different.

 The Position:

In order to help meet the goals of the strategic plan, we are looking for a Commercial Accounts Administrator.  Reporting to the Business Development Executive, the Commercial Accounts Administrator will assist commercial account members with energy management and usage, power quality, financial, and other energy consumer related issues.  In addition, they will establish, develop, and foster energy partnerships with the current and potential new commercial members to ensure a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship between the member and NHEC as well as facilitating the efforts of appropriate experts to provide the optimum energy solutions to the member.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Maintaining NHEC’s relationship with businesses ensuring the commercial accounts program focuses on helping member businesses to answer their questions, build a relationship, and become a trusted advisor/partner.
  • Increases NHEC value to members by fostering and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships through coordinated points of contact.
  • Supports Member Service activities by communicating the benefits of member ownership to prospective and existing members.
  • Supports existing member business expansion/relocation efforts by working closely with businesses and key partners to coordinate programs/activities to meet their electric needs.
  • Promotes NHEC as a leader in the community by identifying, profiling, and communicating with key audiences including business partners and affiliates, community leaders, members, government agencies, etc.
  • Assesses and resolves energy need issues by proactively educating members with appropriate internal and external resources.
  • Keeps abreast of state, governmental and other funding programs available by assisting with identifying availability of grants, financing and other funding as it relates to members’ energy solutions and improvements.
  • Resolves member issues completely and promptly by offering detailed member industry benchmarking data and energy alternatives and services.
  • Assists members with expansion, new development plans by quoting approximate rates, installation charges, operating costs, and discusses NHEC services.
  • Represents NHEC by attending appropriate community, industry, and trade organization events and other activities as deemed appropriate and improves community relations by becoming involved in community organizations such as Chambers of Commerce, economic development organizations, etc.
  • Continually increases professional and technical knowledge within the energy and member industries by seeking out relevant information and trends and develops a continuing learning and growth program which may include educational classes, training seminars, reading appropriate periodicals and/or participating in civic organizations.
  • Performs other duties as may be assigned.


Education and Experience:

  • An Associates or Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Communications, Engineering or related field required. Certifications in the energy field a plus.
  • Minimum of three years’ experience in customer relationship, account management, business development, key accounts, or sales. Additional experience in energy analysis and energy efficiency technologies desired.


Abilities, Skills, and Job Knowledge:

  • Must be able to work independently and able to think logically and methodically. Must be able to search for and identify opportunities for NHEC and its members.  Must be people oriented and able to communicate effectively, both oral and written, with technical and non-technical people.
  • Must be competent in relationship management and possess the ability to collect, assemble, and analyze a variety of data while able to work with graphics and statistics. Knowledge of negotiation skills desired.  Should have the knowledge of energy efficiency, key account management, business development, and renewable energy.


Working Conditions:

  • Majority of time will be in the office with occasional time out of the office to meet with members, community groups, or the general public as required. Some evening and weekend meetings may be necessary.
  • Assistance with restoration efforts is required of all employees. It may be required during regular business hours that employees will be assigned functions to support restoration and for some employees that may be different from their normal duties. In addition, such assistance may require working nights, weekends and holidays which may involve considerable extra hours. In order to meet this working condition, all employees are required to provide a personal phone number where they may be reached after hours. This number will only be used for internal purposes.