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(Beneficial Electrification and Demand Response)


NHEC is the second largest electric utility in New Hampshire, providing service to consumers and businesses in 115 communities throughout the state.  As a member-owned cooperative, serving our members is at the heart of everything we do and every decision we make.

The electric utility industry is currently undergoing enormous change as consumers look for new ways to manage energy costs through distributed energy resources such as solar arrays, battery storage, energy efficiency, and the use of electro-technologies like heat pumps and electric vehicles in place of fossil fuel powered technologies.  These changes present new challenges and opportunities to find ways to meet our members’ evolving expectations and make this an exciting time to work in the electric utility industry. In June 2017, we completed a five-year strategic plan, identifying four areas of strategic focus with actionable goals within those areas.

  • Transformation of our Business Model to prepare for the widespread adoption of distributed energy resources by our members.
  • Adoption of a Voice of the Member platform to help us better understand and meet our member’s needs and expectations.
  • A focus on enhancing our Organizational Effectiveness by transforming NHEC into an organization that is innovative, nimble, and able to respond more rapidly to the changing needs of our members and the way they lead their lives.
  • Ensuring NHEC’s ongoing Financial Stability through development of a revenue model and associated rates and charges that better reflect the way our members will use our distribution system as they increasingly play a role in managing the energy resources that serve them.                                                                                                                                                               

To help meet the goals in the strategic plan we identified three key drivers that describe the kind of organization we want to be:

  • Member WOW! Our members are wowed by the service we provide.  Every interaction between a member and NHEC is deeply satisfying because we keep it simple, personalized and seamless so that the member feels their need is completely understood by us and, whenever possible, completely resolved with a philosophy of one and done.
  • Learning Organization. Our employees feel energized and excited by the possibilities and opportunities presented by these industry changes.  They are curious, feel empowered to experiment, work collaboratively, and share their knowledge and experience as they work to solve new problems, meet new challenges, and serve changing member needs.
  • Strategic Partnerships. We develop strategic partnerships that are central to our ability to achieve our vision by giving us capabilities and resources we do not have ourselves.  Our strategic partnerships open up opportunities to deliver value for our members that would have been unavailable on our own.  We clearly convey to our partner our vision of what we believe success looks like, and our partner is open with us about how they will help us achieve that vision and the challenges that will need to be met to get there.

Headquartered in Plymouth, New Hampshire, NHEC currently has 200+ employees.  There is much to be proud of in our existing organization, and a genuine enthusiasm for what the future holds.  It is an environment in which individual leadership and initiative are highly valued and encouraged, and success is viewed as a shared accomplishment to be celebrated by all.  Ensuring our members have the energy they need, the information they want, and a partner they can trust is what makes us different.


In order to help meet the goals of our strategic plan and achieve our long term strategic vision, we are looking for an Energy Solutions Program Administrator to help members manage energy costs through distributed energy resources.  The Energy Solutions Program Administrator will deliver energy efficiency, demand response, renewable energy and beneficial electrification programs and services to NHEC members.  This position supports the development, promotion and implementation of energy solutions to meet established goals.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Beneficial Electrification initiatives include:
    • Electric Vehicle (EV) initiatives for Residential and commercial members.
    • EV Charging, coupled with Time-of-Use Rates, for all members.
    • Creating events to help further educate NHEC members on the benefits of driving electric vehicles.
  • Demand Response initiatives include:
    • An automated direct load control (Electric Heat and Electric Hot water) and
    • A dispatched behavioral program for members volunteering to help reduce summer peaks, and
    • Continued maintenance of current load management switches.
  • Proposes, designs, develops and manages distributed energy resource initiatives for specific member segments, sub-segments or common end-uses. Participates in the budgeting, invoicing, evaluation, and tracking of expenses and energy savings.
  • Facilitates achievement of goals by promoting program initiatives to appropriate member segments and/or directly to members.
  • Manages the integration of activities between the member, advisory consultants and vendor/contractors. Assists in the development of RFP’s for contracted services.
  • Provides direction to business partners (vendors) and/or technical project expertise to members and coordinates available resources specific to the procurement and installation of distributed energy resource measures, strategies and systems.
  • Reviews and approves moderately complex projects, which require an understanding of energy analysis / calculations, implementation strategy for new technologies, or energy simulation modeling.
  • Participates on cross utility teams to ensure collaboration and consistency of program offerings both at NHEC and with the other NH utilities.
  • Ensures that all projects and programs are delivered in compliance with NHEC procedures or regulatory guidelines; reviews project documentation and program applications to confirm all required and supporting materials are provided in order to fulfill program participation parameters.
  • Collaborates and partners with Energy Solutions colleagues across sectors/channels, along with Account Executives, Marketing, Member Solutions, Consumer Accounting, etc. in order to set an energy efficiency implementation path and strategy for member participation and program implementation.
  • Delivers presentations to member groups, trade and professional organizations.


We are looking for an innovative, creative, thoughtful, member-focused individual.  The ideal candidate should also be interested in and able to assist in the widespread adoption of distributed energy resources while being able to respond rapidly to the changing needs of our members and the way they lead their lives.

Education and Experience:

Education:  Requires a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Marketing, Engineering or a related discipline, or equivalent relevant experience.

Experience: Requires relevant experience in customer service, technical marketing, sales, project management, engineering, building systems, or energy efficiency / demand response / renewable energy / beneficial electrification

Job Knowledge/Skills and Abilities:

Must be able to solve member problems and deliver energy solutions in a way that meets or exceeds member expectations.  Requires ability to interpret energy efficiency / demand response / renewable technologies / beneficial electrification services and understand their application.  Requires solid understanding of financial principals and the ability to use PC desktop applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel.


Some day-to-day travel within the utility system required. Occasional overnight travel. Extra hours when necessary during evenings and weekends.

Assistance with power restoration efforts required. If necessary, during regular business hours employees will be assigned functions to support power restoration and for some employees that may be different from their normal duties. In addition, such assistance may require working nights, weekends and holidays and may involve considerable extra hours.

NHEC offers an excellent compensation and benefits package. 

Qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or protected veteran status.