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Our Organization:

NHEC is the second largest electric utility in New Hampshire, providing service to consumers and businesses in 115 communities throughout the state.  As a member-owned cooperative, serving our members is at the heart of everything we do and every decision we make.

The electric utility industry is currently undergoing enormous change as consumers look for new ways to manage energy costs through distributed energy resources such as solar arrays and battery storage, energy efficiency, and electric vehicles.  These changes present new challenges and opportunities to find ways to meet our members’ evolving expectations and make this an exciting time to work in the electric utility industry. In June 2017, we completed a five-year strategic plan, identifying four areas of strategic focus with actionable goals within those areas to be completed by the end of 2022.  Those four areas of focus are:

  • Transformation of our Business Model to prepare for the widespread adoption of distributed energy resources by our members.


  • Adoption of a Voice of the Member platform to help us better understand and meet our member’s needs and expectations.


  • A focus on enhancing our Organizational Effectiveness by transforming NHEC into an organization that is innovative, nimble, and able to respond more rapidly to the changing needs of our members and the way they lead their lives.


  • Ensuring NHEC’s ongoing Financial Stability through development of a revenue model and associated rates and charges that better reflect the way our members will use our distribution system as they increasingly play a role in managing the energy resources that serve them.


In order to help meet the goals in the strategic plan we identified three key drivers that describe the kind of organization we want to be:


  • Member WOW! Our members are wowed by the service we provide.  Every interaction between a member and NHEC is deeply satisfying because we keep it simple, personalized and seamless so that the member feels their need is completely understood by us and, whenever possible, completely resolved with a philosophy of one and done.


  • Learning Organization. Our employees feel energized and excited by the possibilities and opportunities presented by these industry changes.  They are curious feel empowered to experiment, work collaboratively, and share their knowledge and experience as they work to solve new problems, meet new challenges, and serve changing member needs.
  • Strategic Partnerships. We develop strategic partnerships that are central to our ability to achieve our vision by giving us capabilities and resources we do not have ourselves.  Our strategic partnerships open up opportunities to deliver value for our members that would have been unavailable on our own.  We clearly convey to our partner our vision of what we believe success looks like, and our partner is open with us about how they will help us achieve that vision and the challenges that will need to be met to get there.


Headquartered in Plymouth, New Hampshire, NHEC currently has 200+ employees.  There is much to be proud of in our existing organization, and a genuine enthusiasm for what the future holds.  It is an environment in which individual leadership and initiative are highly valued and encouraged, and success is viewed as a shared accomplishment to be celebrated by all.  Ensuring our members have the energy they need, the information they want, and a partner they can trust is what makes us different.


The Position:
In order to help meet the goals of the strategic plan, we are looking for an Engineering Manager.  Reporting to the Vice President, Operations and Engineering, the Engineering Manager will provide leadership and management oversight of the Electric Distribution System those departments and individuals charged with supporting, planning, and maintaining the distribution system.  In addition, the Engineering Manager will nurture a “Service Orientated” environment within this group with the goal of developing and maintaining positive relationships with the Districts.  The Engineering Manager will coordinate and direct the resources of the group to efficiently provide engineering services and expertise, while assisting the Districts with meeting all code/safety related requirements as well as the needs of the membership.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Leads the Division as assigned in absence of the Vice President by assuming all responsibilities of the Vice President.
  • Ensures support of Strategic Goals of NHEC by managing the process to develop and implement Divisional Balanced Scorecard strategies and to create and monitor performance metrics and controls that ensure successful performance.
  • Ensures support of the cultural goals of NHEC by exhibiting self-leadership, developing and maintaining effective working relationships, having a results orientation, being innovative, and seeking feedback to achieve personal and professional growth.
  • Ensures support of financial goals of NHEC by developing annual departmental operating budgets and by providing management oversight to ensure that those budgets are managed within reasonable variances.
  • Ensures current and competent professional and technical knowledge by attending educational classes, reading professional magazines and books, and by participating in professional societies and groups.
  • Ensures support and compliance of NHEC guidelines by developing and updating departmental policies and procedures, recommending revisions to the Vice President of Operations and Engineering, and ensuring that all departmental personnel have access to current policies and procedures.
  • Ensures compliance with industry, federal, state, and local codes by applying OSHA Standards, National Electric Safety Code, State Building Codes, State Fire Safety Codes, and Local Zoning Ordinance guidelines.
  • Ensures timely and effective system deployments by providing oversight for the development and maintenance of both short-term and long-range project plans and by using appropriate project management and quality management tools and methodologies.


  • Ensures effective departmental staffing levels, competencies, and skills by managing the assessment of current and future needs; the development of position descriptions and specifications; the design and deployment of a training, development and succession plan; and by recommending staffing requirements to the Vice President.
  • Ensures effective supervision by interviewing and selecting supervisory personnel; guiding and coaching section supervisors; providing access to training in leadership, business management, project management, and quality management; administering fair and equitable evaluations, recognition, and counseling of supervisory personnel; and by administering wage and salary adjustments in accordance with organizationally accepted standards and guidelines.
  • Ensures fair and equitable administration of the Union Contract by ensuring that section supervisors understand the provisions of the contract and are qualified to administer the requirements.
  • Ensures that all NHEC standards are current and satisfy all applicable safety codes by managing an ongoing quality assurance program.
  • Manages the task of continued process improvement by responding to requests for construction standards revisions and by continually evaluating NHEC’s construction practices and list of acceptable materials.
  • Ensures safe and reliable operation of NHEC electrical distribution system by providing assistance and guidance for the Control Center.
  • Ensures that reliability and performance data is properly tracked, reported to both internal and external customers and regulatory agencies as required. Provides assistance to ensure that the Control Center supports the Districts Operations functions in a safe, consistent and supportive manner by cultivating and maintaining a culture of safety and cooperation.
  • Protects NHEC’s assets by ensuring the integrity of all equipment integral to the electric distribution system by managing the internal Electric Shop resources. Provides direction to the Electric Shop on maintenance and repair practices that will maintain this equipment in the most efficient and economical manner. Maintains processes for handling, storage, disposal and documentation of all regulated materials and substances.
  • Ensures that the design requirements of the Districts are completed in a timely and efficient manner by managing the internal and external design resources. Also manages these resources to complete all system improvement design work as detailed in the Capital Construction Budget in a time frame that will allow for the timely construction of these facilities.
  • Together with the System Planning and Protection section, ensures that system capacity limits aren’t exceeded as the system expands to meet the needs of the membership by formulating and implementing processes to routinely monitor and maintain the distribution system integrity.
  • Ensures that member concerns for power quality are met in a timely and efficient manner by implementing and managing appropriate processes and records and by managing internal and external resources.
  • Ensures compliance with NHEC’s Safety Program by developing departmental safety program; ensuring that all departmental personnel have access to current safety manuals, standards, and practices; coaching employees on the importance of safety and safe work practices; and by ensuring access to safety training and meetings.
  • Improves corporate safety performance by ensuring that staff are provided with dependable, quality materials and protective equipment for themselves as well as their work area, ensuring that Employee Safety Rules and Procedures are complied with and violations acted upon immediately, developing and promoting the department safety plan and recognizing at risk behaviors and conditions and taking corrective actions or providing feedback.
  • Performs other duties as directed or required.

Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering required. Additional specialized training in electric utility operations, construction, information technology, and planning is desired.  Must be a registered professional engineer in the State of New Hampshire or registered in another state and become registered in New Hampshire within one year.
  • Ten (10) years of progressively responsible electric utility construction, engineering, and planning experience, including supervisory responsibility is required. This experience must include the design and construction of underground and overhead distribution lines, distribution substations, special loads, transformer banks, voltage regulator installations, capacitor installations, and other similar type facilities.  Operational experience with such facilities is required.  Must have experience in the development, preparation, and implementation of short and long range planning of electric distribution systems including system studies, system work plans, budgets, etc.  Must have experience in organizing and supervising work groups in coordinating and implementing plans and designs with other departments.


Abilities, Skills, and Job Knowledge:

  • Must have a thorough knowledge of electric utility systems, operations, and construction so that an effective, economic system can be designed and constructed. Must have a working knowledge of preparation for and development of long-range and two to four-year work plans; volt drop, fault current, and sectionalizing studies; sectionalizing equipment; metering equipment and applications; transformer applications; and standards and specifications for construction of all electric distribution, transmission, and substation facilities.  Must have a working knowledge of the National Electric Safety Code, OSHA regulations, Public Utility Commission regulations and Standards for Electric Service, and standard utility specifications, construction materials and practices.
  • Must possess, and exhibit, effective leadership skills. Must have effective written and oral communications skills.  Must be able to exercise discretion and sound judgment. Must be able to work independently with minimal direction. Must be able to direct and lead department staff.  Must be able to schedule, monitor and coordinate the activities of resources on multiple cross-functional teams. Must be able to work well with employees at all levels of the organization.
  • Must be able to work with project management and quality management tools and methodologies. Proficiency with Microsoft Office, Access, Outlook, Project, and Visio preferred. Should be proficient with Engineering load flow and distribution protection software.


Working Conditions:

Usual and generally accepted business office conditions.  Meetings outside of the normal workday will occasionally be required.  Travel with occasional overnight stays may be required for training, meetings, or conferences and seminars.  Assistance with power restoration efforts is required of all employees.  It may be required during regular business hours that employees will be assigned functions to support power restoration and for some employees that may be different from their normal duties. In addition, such assistance may require working nights, weekends and holidays which may involve considerable extra hours.  In order to meet this working condition, all employees are required to provide a personal phone number where they may be reached after hours.  This number will only be used for internal purposes.