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As you know, the electric utility industry is currently undergoing enormous change as consumers look for new ways to manage energy costs through distributed energy resources such as solar arrays, battery storage, energy efficiency, and the use of electro-technologies like heat pumps and electric vehicles in place of fossil fuel powered technologies. These changes present new challenges and opportunities to find ways to meet our members’ evolving expectations and make this an exciting time to work in the electric utility industry. In June 2017, we completed a five-year strategic plan, identifying four areas of strategic focus with actionable goals within those areas.

  • Transformation of our Business Model to prepare for the widespread adoption of distributed energy resources by our members.
  • Adoption of a Voice of the Member platform to help us better understand and meet our member’s needs and expectations.
  •  A focus on enhancing our Organizational Effectiveness by transforming NHEC into an organization that is innovative, nimble, and able to respond more rapidly to the changing needs of our members and the way they lead their lives.
  • Ensuring NHEC’s ongoing Financial Stability through development of a revenue model and associated rates and charges that better reflect the way our members will use our distribution system as they increasingly play a role in managing the energy resources that serve them.
  • To help meet the goals in the strategic plan we identified three key drivers that describe the kind of organization we want to be:
  • Member WOW!  Our members are wowed by the service we provide.  Every interaction between a member and NHEC is deeply satisfying because we keep it simple, personalized and seamless so that the member feels their need is completely understood by us and, whenever possible, completely resolved with a philosophy of one and done.
  •  Learning Organization. Our employees feel energized and excited by the possibilities and opportunities presented by these industry changes. They are curious, feel empowered to experiment, work collaboratively, and share their knowledge and experience as they work to solve new problems, meet new challenges, and serve changing member needs.
  • Strategic Partnerships. We develop strategic partnerships that are central to our ability to achieve our vision by giving us capabilities and resources we do not have ourselves. Our strategic partnerships open up opportunities to deliver value for our members that would have been unavailable on our own. We clearly convey to our partner our vision of what we believe success looks like, and our partner is open with us about how they will help us achieve that vision and the challenges that will need to be met to get there.


The Position
Reporting to the Member Solutions Supervisor, the job responsibilities for this position will include the following:

  • Provide service to members and the general public who call, email, or visit NHEC by providing information, answering questions, and resolving issues.
  • Support the member by providing appropriate and innovative solutions to our members and customers by listening, responding to and making courageous decisions.
  • Promotes core program initiatives.


The expected results in this position are the following:

  • Supports the strategic goals of NHEC by supporting and working toward achievement of Balanced Scorecard objectives.
  • Supports the cultural goals of NHEC by exhibiting self-leadership, developing and maintaining effective working relationships, being results oriented, being innovative and seeking feedback. Must be courteous and friendly.
  • Increases professional and technical knowledge by attending educational classes, reading professional magazines, and participating in professional societies.
  • Improves member satisfaction by resolving member issues in a non-confrontational, collaborative manner. Provide up- to date information on the status of pending jobs/service orders; outages; bill payments; etc. to the member.
  •  Professionally interacts with consumers/members phoning, emailing or visiting NHEC to establish new electric accounts by reviewing with them NHEC’s rates, practices and Terms and Conditions and mailing new account informational packets. Maintains departmental member information retention by filing records.
  • Assures quality service to a member or prospective member by answering phone calls, emails or visits to the office for new line construction, service upgrades, retirement and relocation work and resolving member inquiries concerning construction schedules, costs, right of way problems and tree cutting issues.
  • Provides service to members by answering telephone calls directed to NHEC; initiates service orders in response to member’s requests to establish or discontinue electric accounts; initiates new accounts and maintains member records by updating account information.
  • Resolves billing inquiries by clarifying the member’s complaint, determining the cause of the problem; selecting and explaining the best solution to solve the problem, providing written information (when appropriate), making or expediting corrections or adjustments; following up to ensure resolution. Authorizes and determines disconnects for accounts where billing responsibility cannot be ascertained; Investigates returned mail for insufficient address and provides valid mailing addresses for members’ bills and correspondence.
  • Protects NHEC’s accounts receivable assets by assessing deposits for new accounts based on credit information received from other utilities and member’s payment history with NHEC; sets up the deposit record and arranges for installment payments if necessary.
  •  Improves the financial position of NHEC by using independent judgment to negotiate payment schedules with delinquent members who telephone, email or walk into the office of NHEC, using established collection procedures as a baseline but taking into account the member’s ability to pay while protecting NHEC against loss.
  • Assists members in need by recommending the Statewide Energy Assistance Program, Social Service agencies and other sources of funding available for income eligible members to prevent unnecessary disconnection of electric service.
  •  Maintains the capital credit file by assigning capital credit numbers to new members.
  • Creates opportunities while speaking with a member or prospective new member by taking appropriate steps to offer the solution/s that can work for them.
  • Improves member value by providing information on available solutions in the forms of service offerings.
  • Creates opportunities to discuss and offer NHEC core program offerings such as Energy Star Homes, low income program, etc., by listening to member issue and determining appropriate program to meet their needs.
  • Improves member satisfaction by scheduling and coordinating field personnel visits to member’s property.
  • Ensures member satisfaction during outages by taking member calls and providing feedback to them.
  • Improves member satisfaction by assisting with Co-op member events.
  • Improves member value by responding to members who use e-commerce to communicate with NHEC.
  • Improves corporate safety performance by maintaining a safe and clean working environment, participating in department safety meeting, adhering to Employee Safety Rules and Procedures, recognizing at-risk behaviors and conditions and taking corrective actions or providing feedback.
  •  Performs other duties as assigned.


The Person

  • First and foremost, someone who will be energized and excited about NHEC’s mission and will thrive with the opportunity to enhance an already great organization.
  •  An inquisitive, open mind – someone who is interested in finding creative solutions and new ways to support the organization.
  • High school diploma or equivalent required. Courses in typing, Business English, bookkeeping and personal computers is very desirable. An advanced degree is preferred.
  •  Two years of utility background preferred including customer service, billing and collections. Knowledge of personal computers and NISC utility billing system desirable. Courses in customer service desirable.
  • Must have the ability to work without supervision and be able to make immediate and effective decisions. Must be able to work effectively in a team environment. Must be able to organize and carry out delegated work. Must be able to maintain a calm and professional appearance and attitude when dealing with members, other employees and vendors. Must have good written and oral communication skills. Must have basic math skills. Must be able to operate typewriter, word processor, cash register, mainframe terminal, copy machine, facsimile machine. Must have good typing and 10-key skills.
  •  Normal office conditions. Working hours will be scheduled. Must be available for call-outs during emergency outage situations.
  •  Must have good organizational skills and the ability to communicate effectively.
  • Assistance with power restoration efforts is required of all employees. It may be required during regular business hours that employees will be assigned functions to support power restoration and for some employees that may be different from their normal duties. In addition, such assistance may require working nights, weekends and holidays which may involve considerable extra hours. In order to meet this working condition, all employees are required to provide a personal phone number where they may be reached after hours. This number will only be used for internal purposes.








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NHEC is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer