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For the second straight year, NHEC will freeze its distribution rates. This means there will be no increase in 2020 to the Delivery Charge and Member Service Charge portions of members’ electric bills.

The Delivery Charge (the rate NHEC charges to deliver power) and Member Service Charge (the monthly fee all members pay to have service available) are the two parts of members’ bills that NHEC is able to directly control. For 2020, neither charge will change.

For members who take electric supply from NHEC, the Co-op Power portion of the bill (the actual electricity used) will continue to be adjusted each November and May. This is the cost NHEC pays generators for power. The same is true of the Regional Access Charge portion of the bill (the charge to pay the owners of high voltage transmission lines to deliver power to the NHEC system). Similarly, the Systems Benefit Charge (the charge for energy efficiency programs and electric assistance) is set annually by the State of New Hampshire. All of these charges are not directly controlled by NHEC, however we’re glad to do what we can to keep your costs from rising by holding the line on any increases in 2020 to the Delivery Charge and Member Service Charge.