Solar Calculator


New Hampshire Electric Cooperative supports the development of renewable generation by our members. By installing a solar PV system, you can serve your home with renewable energy. If your solar PV system generates more energy than you consume, you will be compensated for any energy you export to the grid. As a member-owned non-profit, our exported energy rates are based upon the money you save our membership by not having to purchase energy.


We have developed this simple solar calculator so that you can calculate your savings by using solar.

  • NHEC Rate & Fee Elements

  • Member kWh Inputs

  • The amount of kWh that would be delivered to you from the grid (e.g. at night).
  • The amount of kWh you would export to the grid (e.g. when it is sunny, but you not at home consuming electricity).
  • The total kWh your Solar PV system would generate
  • Cost Comparison

  • Member Service Charge Delivered kWh Charges Exported kWh Credits
  • Potential Savings with Solar PV