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How Are We Doing?

It’s a good question—especially when it comes to renewable energy. In 2015, the most recent year for which data was available, renewable energy accounted for approximately 7.5 percent of NHEC’s energy purchases. That continues our upward trend toward an ambitious goal, but it’s still a task that requires working together.

Ahead of the Curve

An additional 5 percent of NHEC’s power supply is generated by the Waste Management landfill gas-to-electric plant in Rochester, N.H. However, even though the electricity produced with landfill methane qualifies as renewable energy, NHEC cannot claim this electricity as a renewable resource. Our contract for that electricity goes back to 1999, before Renewable Energy Certificates were envisioned, so it did not include rights to receive the RECs it produces today.

Alternative Compliance Payments

When we don’t make our RECs requirements or the cost is prohibitive, we have to turn to Alternative Compliance Payments. NHEC continues to entertain all options and sources that may provide renewable energy to its members while striving to keep costs to a minimum.