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Peak Days

What’s A Peak?

The amount of electricity that members of NHEC collectively use varies during the course of the year and even from hour to hour in a given day. But there are certain times when electricity usage spikes up as all members use more power at the same time. These high usage periods are called “peaks.” To control costs, we have to Go Beyond the Peak! and manage our demand.

Shifting electricity use away from peak times has proven to be a simple and easy way to lower future power costs for NHEC members.

How It Works

  1. Once you sign up, you’ll receive alerts (email, text or phone) shortly before an anticipated peak demand.
  2. You do your part by trying to reduce your electricity usage.
  3. Once the peak period passes, you will receive a second alert to let you know you can go back to your normal usage patterns.

Enroll Now

Participation in the Go Beyond the Peak! Plan is simple. Enroll today with your email address and select the best way to alert you when we need you to take action in managing the peak.