Peak Days

What’s A Peak?

The amount of electricity that members of NHEC collectively use varies during the course of the year and even from hour to hour in a given day. But there are certain times when electricity usage spikes up as all members use more power at the same time. These high usage periods are called “peaks.” To control costs, NHEC calls Peak Events and asks members to manage their energy usage. If we can all collectively manage our energy usage during these Peak Events, we can have an impact on future rates.


Manage the Peak in Your House

When demand is projected to be unusually high, NHEC will ask you to voluntarily reduce your electric use for a few hours. When NHEC calls a Critical Peak Event, here’s how you can manage the Peak in your house:

  • Adjust your air conditioning set point to 78 degrees.
  • Set the dishwasher for early morning cycle.
  • Draw the shades to help block the sunlight.
  • Do laundry early or late at night.
  • Declare “electronic-free” zone & get outside.
  • Appoint a grill master & avoid sweating it out in the kitchen.

Participating in Peak Days is FREE and completely voluntary

  1. You will receive a notification from NHEC of a Peak Event that will occur  between Noon-8pm
  2. Peak Events will ONLY occur Monday-Friday, excludes weekends and certain holidays
  3. Peak Event will be limited to 15 per calendar year and will occur between June 1st-September 30th

ENROLL now and help us manage the peak!

For more information about Demand Response and Peak Days program, please contact Alicia Melanson at