PLYMOUTH, NH – New Hampshire Electric Cooperative members will benefit from the fourth consecutive rate cut in two years resulting in an overall bill decrease for most members beginning Aug. 1. The NHEC Board of Directors approved the cut this week.

The board’s approval of the rates, combined with NHEC’s strategy and flexibility in purchasing power, will result in a total bill reduction of 6 percent, or about $8 per month for the average Co-op member using 500 kWh. The average member using 1000 kWh will see a reduction of 7 percent, or $16.

“Our mission is to provide our members with affordable, reliable service and that’s exactly what we’re doing. I’m proud of the work our team has done to deliver some of the lowest electric rates in New Hampshire to our members,” said Alyssa Clemsen Roberts, President and CEO of NHEC. “We’ll remain focused on affordability moving forward as it’s one of the key pillars of our five-year strategic plan and we’ll continue to put our members first.”

The upcoming change in August includes a 15 percent reduction in the Co-op Power rate for most members, which reflects the actual cost of power that NHEC purchases. The Regional Access Charge will decrease by 3 percent.

“We’re pleased we’re able to provide another rate cut that will lower our members’ bills and that the rates are lower than proposed by the other investor-owned electric utilities in New Hampshire. With our members experiencing lower bills it is my hope more of them will consider participating in our Round Up program to ensure our continued support of community organizations and programs,” said William Darcy, chair of the NHEC Board of Directors.

Round Up is a voluntary program that increases a member’s monthly bill to the next whole dollar with the difference allotted as a contribution to the New Hampshire Electric Co-op Foundation. The Foundation manages these contributions and uses the funds to issue grants to local charitable organizations and programs that improve the quality of life for our members and our communities.

For more information about NHEC’s rates, including a current schedule of rates, please visit our website: