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Residential Energy Efficiency Loans

OPTION 1: On Bill Financing

NHEC members with excellent payment history can finance Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® project co-payment costs up to $4,000 for up to 48 months. On bill financing is interest free (0%)

  • The loan balance can be paid at any time without penalty
  • Billing will be in equal monthly payments on your electric bill

The balance of the loan becomes due if you move or close your NHEC account.

OPTION 2: Third Party Financing

NHEC also works with a number of lending partners to help support members with financing the cost of Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® or for the installation of qualified heat pumps. Through our Third Party financing option, you can apply for an EfficiencyLoan with any participating lending partner.

  • Loan approval is based solely on the lending institution’s criteria
  • NHEC will buy down the Loan Interest Rate to 2% through one-time payment to the lender
  • Loan amounts up to $15,000 are available
  • Minimum loan amount is $1,000

For more information about the Residential Energy Efficiency Loan Program, please contact Phil LaMoreaux at or 603.536.8856.

Residential Energy Efficiency Loan Program

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