Moultonborough Solar Array- 2 MW


• 2.59 megawatt (DC); 2.0 megawatt (AC) Solar PV;
• 8,000 panels & 40 inverters on 12 acres of land;
• , Largest Solar PV Array in State of New Hampshire in 2017.
• Construction began in January 2017. Commissioned date: December 2017.
• Total project cost: $5 million.

Project is expected to produce approximately 3.1 million kilowatt-hours of electricity annually – enough to power approximately 600 homes.

The array is located on land owned by NHEC off Moultonborough Neck Road in Moultonborough. Power produced by the array will enter NHEC’s distribution system at nearby Moultonborough Neck Substation.


• Project will help NHEC learn how this renewable technology interacts with the distribution system so we can plan for increasing amounts in the future while not impacting the reliability and resiliency our members rely on us to deliver.
• The Project will produce Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) to help meet the State mandated Renewable Portfolio Standards.
• The Project will help meet our members needs for energy, capacity and transmission services we would otherwise need to buy in the regional markets.
• While the project does not currently have battery storage, NHEC is studying how the placement of the technology at the project site could add value for our members and the distribution system.


• Meets all state erosion control requirements.
• All stump grindings left on site for erosion control.
• Perimeter fence to protect wildlife, clover planted outside fence to create habitat for deer.
• Berm created on south side to create wildlife habitat and mitigate visual impact.