Pre-paid Metering

What is Pre-Paid Metering?

Pre-paid metering allows you to choose how much and how often to pay towards your credit balance. It’s like putting gas in your car. With pre-paid metering, you purchase your electricity before you use it. You can add small amounts every few days or add larger amounts to your account less often.

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What are the benefits of pre-paid metering?

  • No security deposits
  • No monthly bill surprises
  • No late payment charges
  • Pay what you want, when you want
  • Charges calculated daily

How do I track my balance?

When you enroll in pre-paid metering, you’ll pay a minimum of $150 to establish your credit balance. You can then check your account balance and your daily electric usage anytime on your account page at

If your balance drops below $35, you’ll receive a text or email notifications reminding you to add money to your account. Payments can be made online, or by phone when your balance drops below $35.

Am I a good candidate?

Would it be easier to make payments biweekly, weekly, or even daily instead of one monthly bill? Pre-paid metering works great for members who have regular access to the internet and want to take control of their energy usage. Monitoring and controlling your daily usage can help you keep your electric usage low and your costs down. Pre-paid Metering is only available for residential members.

How do I enroll?

Please call NHEC Member Solutions at 1-800-698-2007 to see if Pre-paid metering works for you.