Renewable Choice Program

Doing Your Part for Renewable Energy

Supporting renewable energy generation is one way NHEC members can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution.

NHEC is on track to comply with New Hampshire’s Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard (RPS), which requires the purchase of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) equal to 25% of our power supply by 2025.

Members who wish to go above and beyond that goal and support renewable energy development can purchase RECs through NHEC’s Renewable Choice Program. Members who enroll in the Renewable Choice Program can purchase “blocks” of renewable energy credits for an additional monthly fee. These REC purchases support the development and operation of renewable energy from local solar and wind facilities, such as the Lempster Wind Power Project and the Beaver Ridge Wind Farm. Member REC purchases through the Renewable Choice Program are above and beyond NHEC’s RPS requirements.

Sign Up, Go Green

Members can purchase REC blocks for $3 per month. Each block represents 100 kilowatt hours of renewable energy attributes. The average residential member uses 500 kilowatt hours per month, so purchasing RECs equal to 100% of that usage would cost that member an additional $15 a month.

The number of blocks purchased will be billed monthly and appear as “CO-OP RENEW CHOICE” on the electric service bill. For complete program details, please refer to the NHEC Terms and Conditions.

To enroll and be billed after your next meter read date, please complete the Renewable Choice Enrollment form.

Every 1,100 members who purchase RECs equal to 100% of their usage through the Renewable Choice Program increases NHEC’s overall percentage of renewable energy by 1%.

Thank you for helping support the development of renewable energy.