Effective with bills rendered January 1, 2017, slight rate increases in two portions of your bill will result in an overall bill increase of approximately 53 cents per month for the typical residential member using 500 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity per month.

The increases are the result of rate changes affecting two portions of your bill: the System Benefit Charge and the Delivery Service Charge. The System Benefit Charge funds statewide energy efficiency programs and is increasing by .018 cents per kWh. This increase is mandated by the State of New Hampshire, which sets the rate that is charged to all New Hampshire ratepayers served by the state’s four largest electric utilities.

The Delivery Service Charge is increasing by .088 cents per kWh, from 3.876 cents to 3.964 cents per kWh. This increase allows NHEC to preserve full funding of our right-of-way clearing program, the goal of which is to improve the reliability of our distribution system by reducing outages. The total increase experienced by the typical residential member will be .106 cents, or about one-tenth of one cent per kWh. A residential member who uses 500 kWh per month will experience an increase of 53 cents/month or $6.36 per year.