Commercial Rebates

Energy is one of your biggest costs. It’s also one of your biggest opportunities to save. Let NHEC help you get the most from your energy budget with programs, rebates, and expert advice. See our list of Commercial Rebates below and contact us to see what works best for your business.

New Construction C&I Incentives

2020 Compressed Air Incentive Instructions  
2020 Custom Incentive Instructions  
2020  Lighting Incentive Instructions  
2020 Motor Incentive Instructions  
2020 VFD Incentive Instructions  
2020 Chiller Incentive Instructions  
2020 HVAC Incentive Instructions  

Retrofit C&I Incentives

2020 Retrofit Compressed Air Incentive and instructions    
2020 Retrofit Custom Incentive and instructions    
2020 Retrofit Lighting Incentive and instructions    
2020 Retrofit Motor incentive and instructions    
2020 Retrofit VFD Incentive and instructions