smartSTART® Project Financing

Pay Nothing Out of Pocket to Upgrade with SmartSTART® Project Financing.

The SmartSTART® (Savings Through Affordable Retrofit Technologies) advantage is simple – pay nothing out of pocket to have energy efficiency products installed in your business. The cost of the improvements is repaid over time, using the savings generated by the products themselves!

For instance, let’s say you’ve installed energy efficiency products worth $1,000 and those products save you $100 per month. You pay for the product in easy monthly payments on your electric bill equal to 3/4 of the savings, or $75 per month. You still realize overall savings on your electric bill while paying for energy efficiency improvements that will save you money for years to come



You can use the SmartSTART® program for:

  • Weatherization, including air sealing, insulation
  • Lighting and Lighting Controls
  • Other verifiable energy savings measures
  • Funding and participation are limited for this program.