Preparing for a Power Outage

Prepare for the Storm

The meteorologist has warned us, and now you’re thinking all you can do is wait. But the truth is, there are a few steps you can take to prepare for an outage that will allow you and your family to weather the storm more comfortably.

Here are a Few Pre-Storm Tips:

  • Watch the Forecast: Keep updated with storm alerts and news from the National Weather Service.
  • Plan for Medical Devices: If someone in your home is dependent on electric-powered medical equipment, make sure you have a battery backup or make alternative arrangements to ensure their needs are met.
  • Build an Emergency Kit: Stock up on water, batteries, non-perishables, paper goods and other essentials before the lights go out. Use the FEMA Checklist as a starting point and customize for your needs.
  • Stock Water: Fill the bathtub so you have water to flush the toilet. Then fill large containers for drinking water.
  • Charge Everything: Keep cell phones and tablets charged. You can save batteries by turning power settings to low and turning off data.
  • Find Flashlights (and Batteries): Flashlights and battery powered lamps are the safest sources of light during an outage. Make sure to have extra batteries on hand. If you need to use candles, never leave them unattended, near furniture, curtains or children.
  • Think about Kids: Outages can be scary for kids. Making them a special kit can make things easier for everyone. Put together snacks, blankets, books and games as well as warm PJs.
  • Don’t Forget the Essentials: Get cash, put gas in your car and put your First Aid kit and basic medical supplies where you can easily find them.
  • Post Emergency Contacts: Post your emergency contacts by the phone or the inside of a kitchen cabinet.