Net Metering Time of Day Program

Shift Your Energy Use and Save

If you are net metered with solar, electric vehicles and/or battery storage, you may benefit from our Net Metering Time-of-Day Rate.  The more you can shift your usage away from peak demand times, the more you save!  Power resources costs vary dramatically based upon the time of use.  Minimize costs by shifting On-Peak consumption to Off-Peak hours, while also generating larger credits by maximizing On-Peak exports.

On–Peak rates apply to weekdays from 4 PM to 8 PM, the hours during which most cost-causing demand peaks have occurred over the past half decade.  Off-Peak rates apply to all other hours.  The rates apply to all electricity delivered to and exported from the service. Rates will be adjusted with other Co-op Power and Regional Access Charge rate changes, typically twice per year, and Distribution rate changes, typically once per year.

Net Metering Time of Day Schedule

This rate is not guaranteed to save you money.  It is important to note that you need to manage your usage carefully.  If you consume energy during On-Peak hours, you may spend more with this rate.  You need to shift your consumption to Off-Peak hours or maximize exports to the grid during On-Peak hours.  If you choose to opt-out, you must contact Member Solutions at least 5 business days before your next scheduled meter reading.  Please review our Terms & Conditions.


Benefits of Time-of-Day Rates

Savings: The more you shift usage away from peak times, the more you save on your energy bill.

More control: You have more control over your energy use and energy bills.

Better for the environment:   Help reduce carbon emissions and make the world a little greener.



Am I a good candidate for the Net Metering Time-of-Day Rate?



The Time-of-Day Rate is not for the ordinary member on our electric service.  You must have Above the Cap Net Metering to qualify (which can be solar, wind, or battery).  You should be able to shift your usage to off-peak hours. This means you avoid consumption and charging during the highest peak times, which is weekdays from 4 PM to 8PM.   If you cannot shift your usage, then this rate is probably not for you, as it could cost you more.  If you can generate a larger credit for your export of power during on-peak this program may benefit you.  Here are some key ways to maximize your savings:

  • Save money by moving energy consumption to Off-Peak hours.
  • Charge electric vehicles at a reduced price during Off-Peak hours without wiring in a separate service.
  • Charge a battery at a reduced price during Off-Peak hours.
  • Charge a battery from solar and leverage it to avoid On-Peak pricing.
  • Maximize energy credits with western-facing solar by exporting during On-Peak hours.


It is highly suggested that you review your usage patterns through SmartHub and determine if you can make the shift. You need to consult with our Member Solutions team and sign up.   Please contact us at 1.800.698.2007 or  

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