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Learn More About the Go Beyond Peak! Program.


1. Who Should Participate?

The Go Beyond the Peak! program is a great opportunity for members who want to learn more about how energy costs are determined by when you use your electricity. By learning to shift your usage to off-peak times, you are helping NHEC to avoid paying a higher cost for future energy! The Go Beyond Peak! program allows members to voluntarily assist NHEC in reducing demand during periods of high usage.

2. How Does this Program Work?

When the demand for energy is projected to be unusually high, often due to extreme heat or extreme cold, NHEC will alert members to try and curb their usage, therefore alleviating the demand on the electric grid and reducing usage during these highly priced times. NHEC will contact you via your preferred method, and you can decide if you can reduce your usage to help your Co-op reduce peak demand.

3. How Often are Events Called?

No more than 15 critical peak events will be called per year and will only occur between June 1 and September 30. Events will last no more than five hours and will occur between the hours of noon and 8:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding certain holidays as outlined in the Terms & Conditions.

4. How Long is a Typical Event?

Events will last no more than five hours. During these events, the more you can reduce your usage, the more impact your action will have in helping NHEC reduce overall energy costs.

5. Will Any Equipment be Installed in My Home?

No, NHEC will not install any equipment in your home. The Peak Day program allows for minimal commitment with no equipment installed; therefore, all you need to do is reduce energy whenever you can!

6. How Can I Sign Up?

You can sign up here.

7. How do I get additional information?

You can contact Member Solutions at 1-800-698-2007 or send us an email at For more information about the Go Beyond the Peak! program, please review the Terms & Conditions.