Brian Callnan, Vice President of Power Resources & Access

Brian Callnan is Vice President of Power Resources and Access for New Hampshire Electric Cooperative. He joined NHEC in 2017 as its Director of Power Resources and Access.  Brian assumed his current position at NHEC in 2019 and is responsible for managing the cooperative’s power resource portfolio strategy.

Brian began his utility career in 2003 as a Resource Planning Analyst at Burlington Electric Department with a focus on Energy Efficiency valuation and systems design. In 2007, he moved to Vermont Public Power Supply Authority, a joint action agency of 12 Vermont municipal electric systems. He became VPPSA’s Director of Power Supply and Transmission in 2010; in that position he was responsible for all aspects of power supply and transmission, including representation of public power in municipal government, the State of Vermont and the ISO-NE stakeholder process.

Brian is an alumnus of the University of Colorado Leeds Business School and Deming Center for Entrepreneurship, and he holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management with a focus in Resource Economics from the University of Vermont.