How Heat Pumps Work


While heat pump technology is not new, the equipment and technology are always advancing. That means you can put a heat pump to work for you and save. A heat pump uses technology similar to a refrigerator or freezer to heat or cool your building. Rather than combusting a fuel, heat pumps use electric power to move heat from an outside source to inside your building. Ultimately, what that means is you can heat your building more efficiently and see the results in your energy costs.

What are the benefits of heat pumps?

The popularity of Heat Pumps has risen dramatically over recent years, and not just because they’re the most efficient way to heat and cool. Heat pumps are also practical, convenient and environmentally friendly.


Heat Pumps can be used for Heating

The most obvious benefit of a heat pump system is its ability to provide warmth. Heat pumps can very quickly increase the temperature of a room. This can be achieved with the simple touch of a button: at the wall; or on the remote; and even from the comfort of your chair. Even when you are away from the office, you can monitor and adjust your heat pumps accordingly using a mobile app.

Heat Pumps can be used for Air Conditioning

The “reverse cycle” in the full name of a heat pump refers to its ability to work backwards. In addition to extracting heat energy from outside and bringing this in to your building, your heat pump also has the ability to extract heat from inside your building and transfer this outside (in exactly the same way as a fridge works). The term “Air Conditioning” is more commonly used for the cooling cycle or function of your heat pump.

Heat Pumps provide comfort and convenience

Your comfort is the single most important feature of a heat pump, and you are in control. Although most of us are comfortable living within a small bandwidth of temperature all year round (68-73 degrees F whether heating or cooling) we all have our own definition of warm enough or cool enough. A heat pump provides you with the ability to easily control and maintain your climate to all comfort levels.

A heat pump enables you to increase or decrease the temperature of a room, or switch from heating to cooling in an instant and at the push of a button. Heat pumps can heat up or cool down a room within a few minutes, then, once the room reaches your preferred temperature, the heat pump will maintain that temperature for as long as you require it to. You can even leave your heat pump on when you leave and it won’t cost you a fortune to have the luxury of returning to your building at a comfortable temperature. Many heat pumps have the additional benefit of utilizing a mobile app, which allow you to warm up your building prior to coming in on a cold morning or after your leave from work.

Heat pumps don’t create smoke, ashes, moisture or any other waste material for you to remove. There are no trips required outside in the cold and rain for wood or pellets. When cooling or dehumidifying your building there is no need to empty the reservoir of water as your heat pump is has a permanent drain to the outside.

Heat Pumps are safe

Unlike gas heating or wood burners, there are no flames or hot surfaces that children or pets can touch and burn themselves on. They can also be safely left on while you’re out or asleep.

Heat Pumps improve air quality

Heat pumps don’t create smoke or add any fumes to the air. Also, as your Heat Pump circulates the air in your room, the unit filters clean and purify the air removing dust, mold spores, odors, smoke and other particles. They are excellent for people who suffer from asthma and allergies.

Other great benefits of heat pumps include:

  • Add value to the building as an efficient way to heat and cool
  • Save space when compared to other heating/cooling systems
  • Are Eco-friendly: no on-site carbon admissions
  • Dehumidify creating a more comfortable space
  • Require very little maintenance compared to traditional heating systems

Member Testimonial
Richard Esposito, Owner
Plymouth Pet & Aquarium

“Originally I the had the impression that heat pumps were complex systems best for air air conditioning in more temperate zones.  That was not the case. I feel that heat pumps are that the most affordable, practical, and efficient system offered for my needs. Back up heat has only needed but for a couple days a year. The fan circulates air in the room extremely well.”

“Working with my local contractor and New Hampshire Electric Cooperative made the process simple and issue-free. The  prompt hassle-free rebate really seals the deal. One of my units was in my home. This summer the air conditioning alone been the best investment ever.It was great losing the portable and noisy window unit as well as a dehumidifier. Our electric bill went down. Our home is much more pleasant, quieter and dryer. We are not shy about using the oven. Sleeping is such a pleasure without the compressor going on and off.  I find the sound of the fan in the head unit soothing. In 5 years , I now have had 5 units installed between my home and various businesses without issue. Maintenance is minimal and service has not been required. I wholeheartedly recommend this product.”

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