NHEC’s Annual Herbicide Opt-Out Form

Using approved, targeted herbicide treatments is an important step in maintaining our rights-of-way and reducing the number and duration of power outages. We understand that some members and landowners would prefer not to have these treatments done on their property.

If you have received a notice that NHEC will be maintaining the rights-of-way on your property, you may opt-out of the targeted herbicide treatments for one year by filling out the form below, or calling Vegetation Control Service (VCS) at 603-325-3227.

Required information

If you are an NHEC member, please provide your account information so we can properly process your request.  Please have your NHEC bill on hand when completing the form. For your convenience we have added a NHEC bill image with the highlighted fields that you will need to fill out the form. 

Opt-out submissions are valid for the calendar year during which they are submitted and must be re-submitted annually.  Members who opted out at any time during the previous year will receive an email reminder each February to renew their opt-out form.  Members can opt out at any time during the year, but please submit your opt-out form prior to spring, when herbicide applications begin for the current year.

If you have any questions about this form or NHEC’s selective herbicide application program, please contact NHEC Member Solutions at 1-800-698-2007, or email us at vegetationmanagement@nhec.com.



NHEC's Herbicide Application Opt-Out Form

Please note that this form is valid for the calendar year. You will need to complete a new form each year.

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