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Our Plan

Working Toward Renewable Resources Together.

By 2025, at least 25 percent of the power purchased by NHEC for use by our members will be generated by renewable resources. This is the goal of New Hampshire’s RPS as well as the 25x25 Vision of the Energy Future Coalition.

Progress toward that goal is measured in megawatt hours purchased and the number of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) we get as a company. To acquire RECs, NHEC is using its purchasing power and the strength in numbers of Co-op members who are installing renewable energy systems of their own.

Purchasing Power

In July 2007 the Co-op Board resolved to support the development and procurement of renewable resources in the mix of NHEC’s “Co-op Power” energy service offered to members, through the purchase of RECs with and without the related energy, striving to exceed the minimum RPS levels by:

  1. Seeking renewable energy from sources that are cost-effective and appropriate to NHEC’s power resources portfolio

Strength in Numbers

NHEC purchases the RECs generated by our members who install solar PV and solar hot water systems. By pooling together the RECs of our members and our own actions, we strive to meet New Hampshire’s renewable compliance minimums, but our goal is to far exceed them.