Electric Service Handbook

Your Guide to Service, Questions and More.

Use this illustrated handbook to get an understanding of responsibilities when it comes to installing a new electric service, and the update or relocation of an existing service. These guidelines cover the most common situations, but, as always, we are available if questions arise.

Who Can Benefit from this Guide?

Whether you are a homeowner or project manager, improving communication and coordination between members of a team is key. Use this handbook to provide guidance for contractors, architects, engineers, civic planning groups and more. Following these guidelines will eliminate extra phone calls and visits to the job site, saving money for electricians, property owners, developers and the Cooperative.

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Electric Service Handbook
Broken out by section

List of Approved Meter Sockets
Load Data and Meter Request Form
NHEC Contact Information
NHEC Operations Centers and Towns Served
New Service Checklist
Conduit and Trench Inspection Notice
Back-up Generator Registration Form