Volkswagon Mitigation Trust Fund

Are you interested in installing high speed Electric Vehicle charging stations on your property? Boost your business, attract new customers and you may be eligible for reimbursement of up to 80% of eligible costs (100% if you are a municipal member) from the State of New Hampshire through the Volkswagen Mitigation Trust fund.

To qualify, you must be willing to host at least three (2 – Fast Chargers and 1 – Level 2 Charger, minimum) charging stations on your property that are available to the public 24/7. Additionally, the proposed site should be located on or adjacent to one of the following travel corridors:

  1. US Route 3 from the junction with US Route 2 in Lancaster, NH to the Quebec border
  2. US Route 2 from Lancaster, NH to the Maine border
  3. NH Route 16 in its entirety
  4. US Route 302 from I-93 to the Maine border
  5. Interstate 93 from the Massachusetts border to the Vermont border
  6. Interstate 89 from Concord, NH to the Vermont border
  7. NH Route 11/103 from New London, NH to Claremont, NH
  8. NH Route 9/US Route 202 from the intersection with I-89 south to the Vermont border
  9. NH Route 101 in its entirety


NHEC hosted an informational session on Friday, December 3, 2021

IMPORTANT UPDATE AS OF DEC. 3, 2021: Electric utility infrastructure (e.g. step down transformers, overhead lines, utility meters, etc.) that is/will be owned and operated by the electric utility will no longer eligible for reimbursement under this RFP. 

Disclaimer: Please note that there was a slight error (8:20 of zoom recording)  the term ‘upfront cost’ was referenced as opposed to stating ‘effective cost to applicant’  This is considered a reimbursement project.

You can download the corrected presentation here

REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS: See the RFP deadlines and details here: https://www.des.nh.gov/business-and-community/loans-and-grants/volkswagen-mitigation-trust

WE’RE HERE TO HELP: NHEC is here to help member businesses who are interested in pursuing this opportunity. For questions, feel free to contact NHEC Commercial Accounts Administrator Chelsea Smith at 603.536.8855, or email smithc@nhec.com.