Commercial Charging


Install a Charger at your business

Electric Vehicle purchases are on the rise. Install an Electric Vehicle Charging Station and make your business a destination.  Earn an incentive of 75% of the installed cost up to $2500 per station!


Electric Vehicle Owners are Loyal

25% of NHEC members surveyed who own Electric Vehicles said that they are more likely to patronize businesses that have public charging stations.

Invest in an Electric Vehicle Charging Station today, and put your business on the map.

Have you considered installing a charging station at your business.  Electric vehicles are becoming more prevalent.  Consumers are savvy and are willing to map their routes around public charging stations.  Why not consider getting your business on the map?



Added Benefits

Strengthen your brand image
Position your company as progressive and innovative
Support your corporate sustainability goals
Use work place charging as an added employee perk
Create a destination for your customers

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