NHEC Foundation Grant Application Supporting Questions

Note: This document is to be used as a template or guide for preparing your Application Supporting Questions portion of your grant application and is not intended to serve as your application. All applications must be submitted using our application form found online here, and must include the required supporting documents as listed in our guidelines section.

Application Supporting Questions

Insert Organization Name Here
  1. Give a brief overview of your organization
  2. Describe in detail the proposed program or project that your organization is requesting funding for.
  3. Describe the people who will benefit from this program or project and the type of impact it will have on the community.
  4. What are the goals and objectives of the program or project? Please be specific in how you will measure its success.
  5. What geographic areas will your program or project serve and how many people will be impacted?
  6. Describe any community and or volunteer support of your program or project that you have already received or anticipate you will.
  7. Describe your timeline for accomplishing the goals and objectives of your program or project.
  8. Please list other organizations that have already or that you anticipate will support the program or project including specific amounts donated.
           (Please include volunteer and in-kind donations).

For your convenience, you can download a Grant Application Questions-Template to use.