PLYMOUTH, NH – (December 7, 2021) For the first time in four years, New Hampshire Electric Cooperative (NHEC) will increase its Member Service Charge to reflect the ongoing costs to operate its electric system.  For a typical member who uses 500 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity, the Basic Residential Member Service Charge will be increasing by $1.70 per month, a 1.4% total bill increase.  All other monthly charges will stay the same. This change will take effect on bills rendered on or after January 1, 2022.

The Member Service Charge is a fixed, monthly fee that is paid by all NHEC members, regardless of how much electricity they use each month. The charge pays for the operating expenses of the Co-op, ensuring that NHEC’s electric distribution system continues to provide safe and reliable service to all its members.


Over the past four years NHEC has seen the cost to provide service to its members rise. For example, the cost NHEC pays contractors for tree trimming in power line rights-of-way has increased by nearly 40% during that period. The Member Service Charge funds essential investments that make NHEC’s system more reliable, like tree trimming and equipment upgrades. These projects help reduce the number and duration of power outages and are critical to maintaining the electric distribution system throughout NHEC’s rural service territory.

“NHEC is a nonprofit cooperative, which means we operate our electric system at cost for our members,” explained Jim Bakas, NHEC’s Interim General Manager. “We are always mindful of the costs we incur and the rates our members pay. Unfortunately, the cost to run the Co-op has gone up over the past four years and we need to increase our Member Service Charge so we can continue to provide safe and reliable service. Our members rely on NHEC’s electric system whether they use 10 or 10,000 kilowatt-hours a month. Increasing the Member Service Charge is the fairest way to meet our operational needs.”

The Basic Residential Member Service Charge will increase from $29.32 per month to $31.02 per month. NHEC is maintaining its current Distribution Delivery Charge of 4 cents per kWh, the fourth consecutive year without an increase. A complete listing of rates and charges is available on the NHEC website at