Four new members have joined the NHEC Board of Directors after being elected by NHEC members to three-year terms.  Thank you to all members who cast ballots!

Brenda Boisvert of Campton, a petition candidate and former NHEC employee, has a background in human resources and benefits.

Jeffrey Morrill of Thornton has held a variety of general management and board roles, including serving as President of two organizations and Chief Marketing Officer of an electric vehicle company.

Daniel Senie of Charlestown has a background in engineering large scale systems in the world of computer networking, applications design and security.

Edward French of Raymond has a professional background that includes 27 years in the financial services industry and almost 10 years in higher education, currently serving as a Dean at Franklin Pierce University.


2018 NHEC Board of Directors Election

Total valid ballots cast: 6,639

*Brenda Boisvert (Campton) 4,671
*Jeffrey Morrill (Thornton) 4,266
*Daniel Senie (Charlestown) 3,926
*Edward French (Raymond) 3,663
Kenneth Colburn (Moultonborough) 3,466
Neil Irvine (New Hampton) 3,079


*Elected to three-year term