PLYMOUTH, NH – Voting is underway in the 2023 New Hampshire Electric Cooperative (NHEC) Board of Directors election.

Self-governance and the democratic election of directors by the members they serve are hallmarks of the cooperative business model. NHEC members are again voting to elect their representatives at the highest level of the company.

This year, seven candidates are running to fill four seats on the 11-member board of directors. Five candidates are running for election to three, 3-year terms on the Board, while two candidates are running for election to one, 1-year term. Five candidates have been nominated by the NHEC Nominating Committee, an independent panel of members that reviews the qualifications of each candidate and recommends those it believes would best contribute to the successful operation of NHEC. Two candidates are running by petition, which required them to gather the signatures of a minimum of 100 NHEC members in support of their candidacies.

Seeking election to three-year terms are nominated candidates Patricia Barbour of Lee, Madeline McElaney of Plymouth, John Simonelli of Epping and Harry Viens of Center Harbor. Running by petition for the three-year term is William Darcy of Benton. Seeking election to the one-year term is nominated candidate Leon “Lee” Pierhal of Wentworth, and Leo Dwyer of Sandwich, who is running by petition.

NHEC members will also decide two proposed amendments to the NHEC Code of Bylaws. Both were proposed and supported by the NHEC Board of Directors. The first proposed amendment would give the board additional flexibility to efficiently receive, process and count NHEC membership votes that are cast electronically. The second would eliminate the use of gendered language in the bylaws when referring to individuals.

NHEC members are receiving written statements from the candidates in support of their candidacies, along with a ballot. To save time, money and resources, NHEC encourages all members to vote securely online instead of returning a paper ballot. Each ballot mailing will include instructions for voting quickly and securely online.

NHEC members have until Thursday, June 1, 2023 to return their completed paper ballot or cast their electronic ballot. Election results will be announced at the 84th Annual Meeting of Members, to be held Wednesday, June 7 at 10 a.m. at the Merrill Place Conference Center on the campus of Plymouth State University. Members can also attend the Annual Meeting online. To register to attend online, please visit All NHEC members are welcome to attend.